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getting old

I got home and went to bed at five yesterday morning. I didn't get to sleep until about seven or so. My phone woke me up from a really strange dream around 1030. I couldn't get back to sleep. I got up at noon and took my dad to Spokane for a doctor's appointment. Then we went to visit my cousin and uncle for a couple of hours. Came home and went back to bed for two and a half hours. Got up at nine and went to work. Just got home and am about to collapse.

I can't run on four hours of sleep anymore.

It was so bad that, at work, we did a fill for almost $1700 and I looked at the log sheet half an hour later and couldn't even remember doing the fill. I'm pretty sure I did it right though. Hopefully.

I'm going to bed. I have news I'll share when I'm more awake.
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