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camp day 4

I finished the rough of the Titanic story. I cannot believe it only took me three days to do it. I’m so excited. This is the first time I’ve ever come away from this writing retreat with a finished piece. I’ve done chapters for fan fiction pieces or chapters for the novel or novel rewrites, but I’ve never started and finished a piece while I’m at camp. And I have the strangest story to tell about it too.
Last night after I came inside from talking with some of the girls on the deck, I opened up the Titanic file thinking I might write a little more on it. But nothing was coming to me so I put it aside, turned off the light and settled into bed with my DS and music. I always have to have my music. :) So I’m lying there playing Clubhouse card games and losing horribly - I swear those games are rigged - when out of nowhere the ending for the story is just dumped on me. I have never had that happen before. I never know where a story is going before I get to the end. That’s just not how I write, but this time I had the ending and all I could think was does it have to end like this? I swear I lay in bed for an hour trying to come up with another way the story could end. But I never did. And I was too tired to get up and get the computer back out, so I decided to just go ahead and type it up today after I woke up. I closed my eyes and I started to have a nightmare about snakes. I hate snakes. With a passion. I rolled over, opened my eyes and said, “Jeffrey, knock it off.” And the nightmares stopped. I’m still not sure if it’s Jeffrey or Sam talking to me, the story is definately from Sam’s POV, but at the same time I really don’t know which one of them is telling me the story.
And that’s really how it felt getting this story down onto the computer. I did not write this piece. I swear to Merlin that I was told this story because there were times when I could barely keep up with them and then other times when it would wane a little like they were tired and I’d take a break to eat or just go sit on the deck or talk with people for a while and then come back to it and they’d be ready to go again. I don’t even know if they’ll tell me more. I’m going to be doing a rewrite to add information, but I’m not going to change the story at all. I’m not even sure how graphic the slash scenes will become because they’re not telling me those. I might have to make some adjustments to the outlines of the chapters if they won’t share. And they might not. I’m not sure.
But everyone here wants to get the piece by email once I have it done so they know what happens and they’ve offered to beta for me, which is really cool. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a piece so accepted before. I might have said but Bill, who I’ve seen here at camp for three years now, commented that my writing has grown so much in three years and then tried to make sure I wasn’t insulted by the comment. I told him I took it as the compliment it was meant to be and he was so relieved by that.
And I did get the best compliment today. Bev said that she was talking with a couple of the others, a pair of sisters from Peru, and they all agreed that I would be a wonderful visiting writer for a youth writing conference. I just grinned and told her to sign me up. :) I think that would be so much fun to be able to help youngsters who want to write be able to write. She was it was 6-12 grade, so about 12-18 years old and I do hope she’ll get in touch with me if they need someone because I would totally love to do that.
That was more or less it for the day. I spent the morning asleep and the rest of the day typing. I did try and experiment today. I put on Shindo-san’s latest stage play DVD and the flow for the story stopped. I took it off and put on my iTunes with my jpop playlist and the flow only picked up when it was a Yuuta song. So I broke down and put Yuuta back on. I don’t know if/when I’ll watch his concert again just because I’ve watched it like eight times in three days. He’s cute, but still. :) I said it’ll be the strangest dedication in the front of the book and I don’t know how much of a compliment it actually will be, but the Titanic story is going to be dedicated to Yuuta because the characters definately liked his music better than anything else I had with me, including Fuma and Masa-kun and PoT. So that probably means a lot of listening to Yuuta while I’m rewriting this as well because they’ll enjoy that. He has a new CD out next month so that will be intersting. I wonder if I’ll still be working on this project then. *grins*
I should ask Meriam to help me write the dedication in Japanese. I think I could get part of it, but I don’t want to mess it up. Realistically I know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Yuuta would read my book, but I like to do things right and I hate to screw up someone’s language if I can avoid it. Huh, I’ll have to ask her about that next time I see her at the casino. I bet she’d be willing to do it if I wrote it out in English first.
God, I can hear the steam coming out of Ro’s ears from here. She’s head of heels for Yuuta and hates to share. Normally I’m always talking about Masa-kun or Ba-chan these days, so this is really gonna either make her laugh or be pissed at me. I hope it’s laugh.

It’s going to be so good to get home to my own bed and not be in the dorm-ish setting we’re in here. The facility is wonderful, but the walls are fairly thin and that makes it kinda hard to sleep when the guy in the next room snores. *snickers* I commented on it to his wife today and she said she knows. If she gets to sleep first she’s fine, but otherwise she has to roll him over a couple of times before she can actually sleep. I had to start laughing because my dad and my dog snore so I’m used to it. It’s just weird. And I get to see my Nina. I really miss my kitty when I’m away from home. My next trip will be in November when I go back to an anime convention and then a short overnight in December for my Dad’s birthday present. Mum wants me to go to Mexico this year, but I have to see about getting the time off. I don’t want to overwork Ed and James.
So shopping tomorrow and then home. Everything will be posted and I can start my research into the early 1900s to start editing my new story. I’m really excited. It’s going to be so much fun. I cannot wait.
I’ll have to share some of it with you guys too. *grins*

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