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camp day 3

The whole day was spent in my room writing on my Titanic piece. I got so involved in in that I even forgot to eat dinner. *facepaw* And now my hands are totally frozen because I stayed out to talk with a couple of the other writers after we finished our open mic/campfire for the evening. I read the next bit of the Titanic piece and everyone said they either want to be email a copy once I have it done or let them know if I manage to get it published. I’ve just been amazed at how this story is coming and, oddly enough, I know how it’s going to end too. That never happens with me. I normally just write until the characters say stop or something else happens that ends the story. Though I have improved on wrapping things up.
I have the funniest story for today though. I like background while I’m writing and brought along three Japanese DVDs with me along with my iPod and music on my computer. I had Fuma no Kojiro in and was watching the behind the scenes while I was writing and I found that I was kind of struggling with the story, it just didn’t want to flow properly. So I put the computer back on the bed and went over to the other bunk to get the other two DVDs planning to play them both while I worked. I debated for a moment on which one to play because I still haven’t watched Shindo-san’s new one and want to be able to focus on it, but really want to watch it this week too, but ended up putting in Furukawa Yuuta’s Full Color Variation, One Man Live DVD, a concert DVD.
Jeffrey, the man who died when the Titanic sank, apparently loves Yuuta’s music. I could barely keep up with the story once I started to listen to that one. I was so amused by it that I told the group about it before I read the chapter tonight.
I was asked if I knew how it was going to end and I admitted that I did and commented that it’s like I’m being told this story. I’m not sure if it’s the narrator - Sam - talking to me or if it’s Jeffrey, but they are both really powerful presences in the story so far. And they won’t share their intimate moments with me. I’ve taken to marking off those chapters with a note that it’s where a graphic scene should go and continuing with the action and getting the story down.
I don’t know if I’ll get it done tomorrow or not. I’m sure I’ll be playing Yuuta’s DVD at least a couple of times to see if it holds true again. I’m not exactly on camp time, but it’s after midnight and I’m going to try and sleep. That’s one thing I love about this retreat. It’s your time to do what you want. No one cares if I sleep until noon and then start writing. As long as I’m quiet while they’re asleep - which I take great care to be - they don’t mind what I do. But I also have a feeling that they’d be upset if I didn’t read another chapter about Jeffrey and Sam tomorrow night. I’m really having fun with this.
I hate that tomorrow is the last day for writing. Normally there would be Friday morning as well, but I’m meeting Ro in Spokane at one so I have to leave here around ten to get my shopping done before we meet up. My phone has died on me, the screen is warped, so she’s going to help me pick out a new one, we’ll eat and shop and then caravan home together. That’s one of the coolest things about having a best friend. Now I just have to try and get her to come to the writing retreat next year. I think she would have a blast.
And I have to share one thought I had about Yuuta today. I’m not sure that this is even close to being right, but I think the idea will come across.
Yuuta-kun wa kawaii desu, demo, kare wa baka mo.

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