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camp day 1

I don’t know what possessed me to close at the casino, but two idiot regulars kept us there until closing at four in the morning. It normally wouldn’t have been so bad, but I needed to get up and leave for Coeur d’Alene and camp around 0930. I got home and tried to go directly to bed, but ended up dealing with the cat until after five and then again around seven. So all in all I think I got about three hours of sleep. Probably not the best state to be driving in, all things considered.
Especially with how the wind was blowing. There were wind warnings in some areas for gusts up to 60mph, though I don’t think it was nearly that bad anywhere I went through. I got up and packed and was ready to leave in an hour. My parents have me well trained and, if I hadn’t had to work, I would’ve already been packed and maybe slept a little longer. But oh well, it worked out in the long run. I stopped in at Hastings to see if they had the next book in the new series I picked up. It’s nothing to really write home about, but the characters are good and that kinda carries the weaker story line. They didn’t so I got my meds and hit the road.
Coeur d’Alene is about two hours away from Moscow, the road pretty good most of the way, but the wind made it so we were all driving about five to ten under the speed limit at times just to be sure we could stay on the road. There was dust in the air from the unplowed fields and it caused what could be mistaken for fog in areas if we weren’t all so used to it. *grins* I had my jpop on shuffle and just enjoyed listening to the music as I drove from planted (and unplanted) wheat and pea/lentil fields to forrest and finally to the lake as I came over the crest of the mountain and could see Coeur d’Alene below me. I had really good directions through the city and made it to the interstate with absolutely no problems - why can’t I ever do this when Ro is around, she never believes me that I don’t get lost - and was soon on the little highway that winds around the lake to the camp.
When I got here I found that there was no one in the main office to check in with, but I already knew where I was going so I just got back in the car and drove to the cabin we were assigned. Bev and Terri were already here and getting their things set up, so I went ahead and, after greeting them, unloaded the car and claimed the same room I had last year. The bunk has a full mattress on the bottom bunk which means I sleep better because I can move without fear of falling out of bed. I moved the car back into place and joined the others for lunch.
We all just kinda hung out and watched the waves on the lake kick into white caps and either dust or mist settle over the horizon so the mountains on the other side were completely blocked. I’m going to take a picture a day from my bedroom window, at different times, with my cell phone so the various views and colors will be documented. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of my room as well, but my battery is going and I need it to stay charged until Friday. I wasn’t expecting cell reception so I left my charger at home.
Right around supper time I got the worst cramps so I just took a Tylenol and stayed in while everyone else went up to the mess hall. Bev and Bill and Terri are used to my rather antisocial ways when it comes to eating and were only worried enough to make sure that I felt okay before leaving. I like that they’re not hovering. Once supper was over we all met out on the back porch overlooking the lake, the wind had died down at that point, although we still thought we were at the ocean with how heavy the waves were hitting the shore at times. We did basic introductions and why we’d come to the retreat. I got some interest in reading my novel from a couple of people, which really made me happy. I asked that if they only had time to look at a chapter, please give me some feedback. I’ll take whatever I can get as I know they all have projects they want to work on as well.
And then I actually came in and went to bed. Well, fairly quickly anyway. Bill had been talking about how writing is far more than a mental exercise, it’s from the body more than the mind and I told him I had a quote for him. It’s from Douglas Adams Dirk Gently series and is roughly, “I’d heard that the humans only used one-tenth of their brain in daily life. But I’d never known that the other nine-tenths was used for storing penguins.” Bill loved it. He commented how lucky I am to be able to remember things like that and that led us to a line from Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie that we both just adore. The pair is talking about language and Stephen Fry says that he can confidently say the following sentence knowing that it has never been said before. “Hold the newsreader’s nose squarely, waiter, or friendly milk will countermand my trousers.” And Hugh Laurie just looks at the camera for a moment and then shakes his head. The video of it is on youtube, I’ll see if I can find it once I’m home and add it to the post.
Then I vanished into my room, took my various pills and potions and sat up and typed four pages on a new story that has been turning over in my mind for a while now. It’s going to be an original slash story that I’ll try to publish. Keep your eyes open for bits of it on here as I’m sure I’ll post teasers. Then I played my DS for a bit until the pain meds kicked in and I fell asleep.

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