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I can finally type again. It was two days after the remodel was finished that I could hold a pen without having to get into the Tylenol because my hands hurt so bad. I wish I could say that I had a fic to celebrate my short return, but I don't. I'll update my huge Niou piece on WWOMB, but I think there's only two chapters there so not a lot. I spent my downtime reading because I could just about manage to hold a book.
The lesson from this is to be more careful with my hands in the future.

I've got, technically, two days until I leave for camp but, as it's still Friday for me and I'm at work, I'm counting it as three. :) I'm planning to spend my time on the novel this year, but will have the computer with my fan fic WIPs with me in case I get hit by a sudden idea for one of them. I've been thinking about reworking a couple more HP fics while trying to find where I want some of these CSI stories to go.

Sheesh, I think the table I'm trying to evaluate just died on me. There's not a hell of a lot of play tonight, but I'm the only one who will do Pai Gow consistantly, so that's where I'm stuck every bloody shift. Unless it doesn't open, of course. And poker is done for the night, so that's good. It might explain why play picked up on a couple of the blackjack tables.

Okay, hands are starting to hurt. Later.

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