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creating new words and Dabide

I know I mentioned this in an earlier post, but when Ro and I went down to Portland OR last year, I created the world battle-tude (what one must have to survive in battle) from totally screwing up a Naruto character line. "If you go into battle with that attitude, you will die." It sounded so much like Urahara from Bleach that Ro and I cracked up when we heard it. And now we have battle-tude.

Tonight we were watching two Prince of Tennis musicals (Absolute King Rikkai first and second featuring Rokkaku) and talking about how we had Tokyo Ghost Trip actors on stage for PoT.
1) Kiriyama Renn plays Kai in TGT and Marui in PoT
2) Shindo Gaku plays Reaper in TGT and Bane-san in PoT (watching him attack his doubles partner is rotflol)
3) Yagami Ren plays Sowa in TGT and Yukimura in PoT
4) Yukihiro Takiguchi plays Ryu-kun in TGT and Oishii in PoT

and then I, somehow, thought we had a fifth from the TGT trip clan and, when I brought the point up to Ro, I said
Tokyo NO Ghost Trip (combining Fuma no Kojiro and TGT). She started laughing so hard I had to pause the movie and wait for her to start breathing again.

I also had two puns worthy of Dabide tonight and am very glad Bane-san wasn't around to hit/kick me. Ro's cat is named Draco. When I was going out to find her escaped cat and check the temp outside, I said she needed to hold Draco the Neko so he wouldn't escape. It would've been funnier if she'd heard me.

My second one was when we were in her room and she was showing me her new bag - it's the only room with air conditioning in her apartment. All three cats came in and I glanced down and asked if it was a cat party. Then I said it's a good thing we didn't have chickens in the house or we'd be having a hen party. Yeah, she wasn't too amused with that one either.
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