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PoT Fic: Teamwork

Unfortunately, it's too long to post on here. It involves all eight of the Rikkai Dai players as lovers, well, Kirihara Akaya is just finding out about the relationship and things get rocky. I had a totally different way I wanted to play this out, but Yukimura went buchou sadist on me and refused to budge until I gave him Sanada. *sighs*


*points* That's the link to the fic. I don't have another PoT fan fiction archieve that I use.

This fic was inspired by two videos from Tenimyu. The first talks about renewing their bonds. And I think that only I could twist something like that into this.

And I only just noticed that this is the musical where Marui (Kiriyama Renn) is missing. *headdesk* So there's only seven Rikkai members in both of these.

This video gave me the idea for the Niou/Sanada spanking scene in the fic.

And for the few readers I know hate Atobe, I'm planning to write that scene/fic as well. *evil snickers*
Tags: fan fiction, prince of tennis, tenimyu

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