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pissed off ranting

I'll put it under a cut so it doesn't take up too much space. It's about Miami and spoilers and I'm so upset that I had to go and find a new icon just for this post. That should tell ya'll something.

Okay, so everyone knows the premise that Miami left off with - all the CSIs and lab techs are unconscious/sick/dying however it was explained and one of them was not going to make it. In other words, someone will not be back next season. I was on the edge of my seat at the end of the episode when I got back from the anime convention - having waited an extra week or so to watch it because I had to work - and have studiously been avoiding all places where I could possibly pick up a spoiler for the show because I wanted to be surprised when they came back in the fall. Besides, there's lots of good bunnies in there if I actually were to start thinking about it and I've eagerly been awaiting the start of the show to find out what's going on.
Now, granted, I know it'll become harder to do as we get closer to fall, but I know where most of the spoilers come from and would have kept avoiding them until after the show aired. It cuts down on the places I can go, but it makes the show that much better. Normally I don't mind small spoilers, like if I get to see the show/read something in a week or so, and it doesn't totally spoil the surprise. That's the key. I still like to be surprised.
And I was today when I opened up my email to check and see if a friend had written to me. There was a forward from a reader whom I don't really talk to that much any more as it has killed bunnies in the past with a SUBJECT LINE that spoiled the entire bloody suspense that I've been waiting for in the fall. The subject line for the email stated that one of the actors had been cut from CSI Miami for the fall. And it's someone I like.
I had my hopes on who it would be and was curious to see if I was going to be right. Now I'm just depressed as hell and pissed off at the thoughlessness involved here. It's enough to make me want to block the writer for good - reviews be damned - and not check my email again until fall. Actually, it makes me want to punch a wall, but I don't want to deal with the bruise that would cause. I'm a black belt, I know how to hit so I don't break anything, but I bruise way to easily.
Maybe I will go block the sender. For a while, anyway. It would make me feel a hell of a lot better.
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