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RL and fun

I got my biopsy results back today. It was the same as the others, moderate atypical developmental keep an eye on it but otherwise you're going to be fine. Truthfully I just don't remember all the long words they threw at me, but the doctor got the root of the mole when he did the biopsy, so as long as no pigment shows back up in the developing scar tissue then I don't have anything to worry about. I'm just looking forward to it healing up.

Here's the pics for the day.

Can anyone see Inui Sadaharu in the first one??
Our mainframe has been making strange noises - like it's going to explode or die - so we have to keep the AC on as much as possible. The room does get cold, even with the equipment in there, so that's the reason for the note on the board. I'm not sure what quote I had up on my weekly quote section. This week is Young Frankenstein.
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