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PoT untitled fan fic

And if anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

Okay, so here's the basic idea. In an AU story line Niou's mother had an affair while her husband was away and had Niou Masaharu. The result of this is our Petenshi grows up unwanted and unloved and abused by his family. A certain sadistic tensai from Seigaku notices this and decides that Niou is the weak link in Rikkai Dai's team. He works out a plan to destroy Niou and secure victory for Seigaku at the same time. He starts to seduce Niou while Rikkai is realizing how badly the abuse is and tries to stop it.
The distruction is going to happen to a point, but there will be some twists and turns and will end up sadist against sadist (and if you haven't realized I'm talking about Yukimura and Fuji, read the manga) for not only a National tennis title, but the life of a Petenshi as well.

Sound intersting?????

The other two pieces I'm working on are an eightsome with the Rikkai Dai regulars. Not easy to coordinate. And the one I mentioned based on Takumi-kun.


Aug. 9th, 2010 10:22 am (UTC)
I haven't seen all of the anime, though I plan to do so sometime.
Yea, it is. And I still haven't fixed him yet. I need to do that. But we'll be out soon, so I can fix him up soon too..
I wish I got dragons as gifts. My parents think I'm silly. Z_Z

Is that local stores or something? We have no stores that sell japanese merch, except Asian Thai Shop, who sells pocky and cupmen and other food, but that's not quite.. the same..
Aug. 16th, 2010 05:27 am (UTC)
I honestly haven't either, don't really care to after some of the stuff I've read in the mangas, but here's some fun trivia for you. The actor that plays the younger Ishida (Fudomine) in the musicals is the voice actor for Light in Death Note.

I've loved dragons for so long, and my folks always figure it's harmless, but they do think I'm a little nuts just the same. The looks on their faces when I came home with the stuffed dragon that's now living on top of one of my bookshelves. I got him at the most recent anime convention and he's huge. But so cute too. *grins*

It's not. I'm lucky to have a Hastings here, forget about import stores. Although with all the Asian students we have at the two universities, you'd think they'd have something. It's at yesasia.com. That's where I get my books from Japan, along with some music, but I prefer cdjapan for CDs and DVDs. But when Ro and I go to Seattle or Portland (both over 600 miles away) there's a Japanese import store with a bookstore attached. Heaven. *Grins*

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