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Prince of Tennis Dream 4th caps/PoT fic question

I just finished putting up the (as yet untitled and tagged) dream live 4th pics on my photobucket account.


I'll put up the behind the scenes pics tomorrow when I have a chance to title them on the computer first. They're still in generic form. This is probably my fav dream live of all time.

I have to many pics to share now it's not even funny. But it's fun too. *grins*

I'm going to start another PoT fic (which will make three wips) based off the idea of the Takumi-kun series. Niou/Yagyuu is a given, but which other player (Rikkai or Seigaku only please) would you like to see Niou with? Over the next day or so I'm going to put up the outline for the huge story and the first couple of chapters so you can finally see what all I've been talking about.

Please, no nagging on my other WIPs. I know most of you understand how things work, but I always seem to get at least one email asking me to update a certain story. My bunnies are fickle and I have to write what I'm given. And, right now, it's this. Thanks for bearing with me. *bows*
Tags: fan fiction, prince of tennis, screencaps

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