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I just downloaded a pretty awesome program for making screencaps. The catch is that it has to be of an AVI file, but I still have enough of those *sweatdrops* to make a ton of caps.
I'm working on the PoT musicals at the moment, will move thru to the anime as I get it downloaded (for those who want to make icons) and some other jdramas and music videos that I have.

If anyone can point me to a site I can download Miami/Criminal Minds and the other shows in .avi form, I'd be happy to make caps for everyone. Just keep in mind that, like everything, it'll take me a while. Sitting at the desk isn't always easy for me.

And I had to share my current wallpaper on the PC computer. The Mac hasn't changed since the meme.

I'll be uploading to my photobucket page over the next few days. I'll put up a note when I start. *grins*
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