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life/fic/Prince of Tennis

I had another mole removed for biopsy yesterday. I've stopped panicking over these things because it's been on average two a year for the past three years. *sighs* But I hate the amount of pain from so small a thing. It stings like mad and, as it's on my back, makes sitting and lying down a pain. Literally.

I'm still working on what is looking to be a pretty massive PoT fic. I think the idea came when I saw how "evil" Yukimura is near the end of the manga series. If I feel up to it, I'll take the laptop to work tonight and type some of it - and maybe TDC - up for posting tomorrow and Sunday. I'm still not sure what I think of the PoT fic (it's still untitled) but I'm going to post it regardless.

Ro and I have been watching the PoT anime and, if you like anime, check this one out. There are only 51 dubbed episodes because of Viz Media, but the subbed ones are up on YouTube along with the OVAs. Those are bloody hilarious. Especially the one about Akaya joining the Rikkai tennis team. I think PoT has taken first place for my all time fav manga/anime series. Bleach is now second. (Sorry, Ichigo)
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