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pics from trip to convention

We got home yesterday and I crashed. Almost literally as I didn't realize what was going on and tripped trying to get to bed. :) So, I'm up earlier than usual before work and have the time to post some of the pics I took with my cell phone going to Boise. I have no clue how these turned out because we were moving most of the time.

Little Rocky decided he wanted to go to Boise with us.

If I ever dress up as Kakashi I'd have Pakkun ready to go. *Grins*

This was a first. Normally they have flaggers when there's road construction.

But I suppose this does save money in the long run - solar powered we found out later - and there's less chance of human error. It was kinda freaky going over the bridge with the crew working on the other side, not to mention the bumps.

This is the bridge where we changed time zones. Riggins ID is on the other side, and it was emptier than I've ever seen before. Probably because it's so cold people don't want to be out on the river rafting. There were a lot of people fishing though.

There were a lot of fisher-people when we came back, which made me think the salmon were running. But Ro quickly pointed out that salmon swim. If she hadn't been driving I probably would've tried to hit her. I'm the one who does the bad puns.

And the clouds going into Boise were just brilliant. I tried to take a pic just as Ro went into a turn and threw me into the window, so I took a second. I hope it turned out well. We were both laughing pretty hard at that point.

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