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convention 5 with pics

I found out today that it doesn't matter how obsessed Ro is with something/one, she will still get all fidgety when she has to sit through anything over about fifteen minutes. We went back to see Johnny Yong Bosch today - he did a second pannel - and halfway through I looked over and saw that Ro was texting. *sighs* I tried to take the phone away from her, but she wouldn't give it up. But the pannel, and his concert, were the only two things on our list of events for the day. I wouldn't say that things are winding down, but they seem to be. I kinda like the smaller size of this convention compared to the one we went to in Portland last fall, but at the same time, there are fewer events which leads to more time in the hotel room.
Now, granted, I am working on an Fuji-Niou-Yagyuu-Yukimura fic at the moment so the writing time would be great if I could actually focus long enough to do anything with it. I've spent most of my free time downloading actor photobooks (kawaii) and yaoi movies. Those I have to make sure my Mum never sees. My dad I'm not so worried about because he's not up to date with computers and I think he'd be puzzled by a media player in the first place.

Okay, so, pics. This is Johnny and Maurice at the concert. It was pretty cool because he invited everyone to come down onto the floor and sit rather than being up in the bleachers/stands so we were like a body length and a half away from them. And he did mainly improv songs, which were just too funny.

Of course Ro, with the camera, was closer than I was to the stage.

This is one of the coolest costumes at the convention. Evil Rukia from one of the Bleach movies.

And this one made us both laugh, not because of the costume, but because I was trying to stay out of it. Look in the back behind Gaara.

We've talked about it a bit and have decided to become firm PoT cosplayers. Mainly because the show is awesome and the characters rock, but also because the costumes are easy and there don't seem to be as many wild stalkers around for the characters. *grins* She just can't decide on a team. I'm going to be Niou or maybe Yagyuu as Niou - I haven't decided yet. Puri. And we're talking about doing a skit next year too. We'll have to see how that goes.
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