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convention 2

Ro and I are on a break between events and have retreated to the room to rest our feet/backs because neither of us are really in shape for as much walking/standing we did this morning.
We got up and walked around out of costume first thing this morning and it was so funny because I had on my Rikkai Dai jacket and I was taking a lost cell phone to the desk when I heard someone yelling "Rikkai!" I turned around and found that there was a girl dressed as one of the Hyotei players running towards me. That was just really cool so we talked to her for a while before coming back up to the room to get dressed in our Bleach costumes. Ro forgot her hat at home (baka) and didn't want to do her make-up but we went back out in full costume.
We ran into a couple of other Bleach characters and talked with them for a bit - finding out that there's going to be a Bleach group photo shoot on Saturday, so we've made plans to go for that. We both got glomped twice by gals who said we were dressed as their favorite characters. :) We both figure that we'll be hugged an awful lot this weekend.
We did some shopping, but the marketplace really isn't that great this time around. I got a couple of new shirts and Ro got way too many figurines that she has absolutely no space for at home. At least I know what to get her for Christmas - a bookshelf for her collection.
The two events we went to earlier today were Naruto/character whiffle ball and character chess. The chess was a lot more fun than the whiffle ball. I think we're going to get dressed again in an hour or so and head back down for the opening ceremonies, although most of what we really want to do starts tomorrow. Ro is currently lying on her bed staring out the window telling me how a cloud is evolving as it moves across the sky. Somehow I think she's getting a little bored. Maybe I should tell her to play with her figurines for a while. *Grins*

More tomorrow once I get back from the presentations and discussions. There is a fan fiction and yaoi discussion tonight/tomorrow night that I might go to. I don't know how good they would be and the ones that I've been to in the past have failed miserably. But I'll probably give them a try.
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