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convention 1

Ro and I left this morning (late because she has no time sense at all) and spent the day on the road between Moscow and Boise. We got lost once we hit Boise because our directions were bad, but a helpful woman at a gas station got us pointed in the right direction. We checked in and walked to the capital building to look around. I was a little disappointed with the security in the building - read nothing - but it did mean that we got to look around the building. Then we got pizza and came back to the room to watch Mythbusters while Ro finishes downloading a movie that she wants me to see.
Everything starts out tomorrow. We're going to go look around out of costume first to get a feel for the arena where things are going on and then we'll go back after lunch dressed up. I'm thinking there will be lots of pics and fun to be had. I'll try to get on here every day and post updates - pics will have to wait until I'm home and Ro can email them to me. And I can download my own.

yay, lots of fun!!!!
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