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Ro and I either need help or conversation topics.
Last night while I was at work we talked on the phone for about half and hour or so and I mentioned that I'd done some work with my Japanese notes and now things made a lot more sense. For instance, gohan doesn't just mean rice, it can also mean meal or (with the proper time added onto it, breakfast, lunch, dinner). So I told Ro that gohan doesn't mean rice and before I could continue with the sentence, she got distracted. She has major ADD, to the point of forgetting what she's saying as she's saying it. I commented that the conversation was dead. Ro replied, no we were talking about rice. I said what is there to say about rice? It's a grain. It grows in paddies in Asia. It can be white or brown. Ro added in that it can be black. I picked up and said it can also be wild and that I can't stand wild rice because it's too chewy.
Then I paused for a second and said, Ro.
We both lost it. I was crying by the time we both stopped laughing.

Maybe you had to be there, but it still gives me the giggles. And was the only good thing that happened at work last night too. We had two bloody players for three hours. On the same table. BORING!!!!!
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