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i still hate tuesdays. why is it that one day of the week has to be so bad? it's not even the first day that i work for the week. granted i don't have two days off in a row, but i do the schedule and i like it like that because i switch between day and night. i sit in a room by myself and only have to deal with people via phone and radio. i just don't get why the day is so bad for me every bloody week. okay, the fact that i had to work 9.5 hours today and will again tomorrow (tues/wed) sucks yeggs big time, but that's the only way to keep the bosses happy, aka no overtime in my department. for the most part the players were behaving themselves. the dealers were all being idiots (not everything is about you, ro) but that's nothing new, they always are.

there was one really great moment. okay, two. as one of the oldest (in terms of time worked not age) dealers put it, "your street cred is the bomb" which i take to mean i scare people. i like to have the rules followed so there's less chance of anyone getting in trouble at a later date. but i don't think i'm that scary. i think the rumors about me make me out to be worse than i am - not that i do anything to discourage this, of course, it makes my job easier.
so, okay, i know for a fact that the new security guy, jason, is scared of me. megan gets on the radio and asks him to come unlock the day cashier's tip box so she can cash out and go home. he comes on and asks if no is an option. i went on and said that it wasn't because i was still working. he was at the cage like a shot. *snickers* and i was still being polite to him.
the second one was when the night pit boss - who i HATE - asked who was in surveillance. i replied that it was me and his behavior changed. he started going by the book, calling things in promptly and behaving himself.

when my night shift guy showed up at midnight - yeah, so going to bed here - he asked if i could lie to everyone and say that he'd called in sick and i was working all night so they'd behave themselves. i'm kinda enjoying this now. it used to really bug me, but that was when i didn't know what people were saying about me. now i know and it just makes me laugh.

but the day still sucks yeggs.



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Apr. 21st, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
Scared of you? A security guard? Shouldn't they at least PRETEND to be a bit brave. Not that I know you in real life, but I don't think you're scary at all. You're easy to talk to.

Did he have any reason for wanting to pretend to call in sick? Couldn't he've just called in sick, instead of asking you to say he did? That would've been easier for him, surely.
Apr. 27th, 2010 08:50 am (UTC)
yeah. *snickers* i love it.

he just wanted an easy night in the back, and if they thought i was still in the surveillance room then they'd behave better than if they knew he was there. he doesn't have quite the reputation around the casino that i have.
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