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TDC questions

1) I should stop looking at my read count these days as it only depresses me. What page do you guys read one? Forensics or wwomb? Or both? I know I have one reader who reads/leaves reviews on both when she has the chance.

2) Which is your favorite community??? Right now NYDC is ahead by a considerable amount while Miami, the most diverse and rather important, is at the end. Quantico is in the middle, but I'm thinking it'll come up after a few more posts because I have plans there.

3) What do you think of the new dragons/humans I've been introducing to the story?

4) Does anyone know of a good web page server that could host the stories in their entirety the way I want them broken into chapters. That's the main reason I've abandoned the live journal because there's a limit to space for posting and I don't like where I have to make some of the breaks. It doesn't have to be free, although I don't have a ton of money to pay for space.

4a) If I find a page, I'd need a web master because I'm rather hopeless with computers.

There will be one or two more chapters for each community and then I'll be joining everyone together. As long as training at work - don't get me going, please, I'm still pissed and want to hit something/someone - goes well this week, I should be able to post by the weekend. I already have a lot more written.
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