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new idea

I've been talking about a new actor I really like - Shindo Gaku - and am going to steal an idea from his blog. It won't be as cool as his because I live in a college town/farming area and he's in Tokyo, but any time I see a cute or funny sign or something crazy, I'm going to post a picture of it on here.

Starting with this one. This is a hotel in Pullman that I have to drive by every day on my way into work. I finally had time to stop and snap a picture of the sign they have up.

I'm all for cookies, but who the hell wants fresh baked milk every night???????

And, if any of you are curious, and don't mind TONS of pictures of coffee cups - no I'm not kidding - here's the link to Shindo-san's blog. He's got some neat pics up there.


I like any pic of him, but the solar eclipse is really cool and some of the nature shots. But a lot of food and coffee cups too. Again, totally not kidding here.
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