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baka Ro

Ro and I went to Spokane today to go shopping and visit with her family for a while. I still can't believe how smart her niece, Nevaeh, is. And it's almost time for the new one to arrive too, which is just exciting. I got a shipment of CDs I ordered from Japan on Wednesday so I had them all uploaded onto my iPod for the trip and we were listening to Furukawa Yuta on the way home. I commented to Ro that I was so disappointed when I got his first full album and it didn't have "Starting Days" on it. That was the song playing on the system at the time. Ro had just seen the video for it and, I'm not kidding you, with it playing she asked me if I had the song now.
She said I could call her a baka on that one. I would have if I could have stopped laughing.

And I have a totally politically incorrect and possibly offensive joke/comment that I came up with at work that I'd love to share with those of you who have a very warped sense of humor, but do not wish to offend. So I'll wait a couple more days and then post it with warnings and behind a cut just to be on the safe side. The last thing I want is to lose my journal. *Grins*
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