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novel characters

I'm not really sure how well my characters in my novel carry emotions so, if you'll humor me, I'm going to be doing two things over the next few weeks. In addition to finishing up posting my updates, that is. *grins*

1) Posting various bits from the novel. They won't make sense, but I'd love some feedback about how you feel about the characters.

2) I bought a book of character emotion writing excercises. I'm going to be posting those up here as well for feedback. One of them will be a RP fanfiction, Mary Sue break all the rules I try to adhere to reguarly. Oh, and be het/slash. That alone should be interesting as I haven't written het in years.

Thanks in advance everyone. *huge hugs*

Oh yeah, I figure about an excercise a day or so until I'm done with the book. That's a lot of writing, so fan fic will be on hold after I type up the remaining updates I have. 
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