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The cats

Jinx's ear re-filled with blood so we had to make yet another round of trips to the vet to get it taken care of. This time around she actually cut the ear open and drained the fluid and blood out and then stitched the ear together so it won't re-fill, or at least not as badly. I looked at him when I got home from work and there's still blood or fluid at the base. But the vet also warned that the ear would never be the same again and, as long as he doesn't pull his stitches out, he'll be fine. So now we've got ten days with him with stitches in his ear and no special collar on, so it's almost a constant watching game. And my folks still aren't home so they don't know what's been going on here.

And a cute story. I've downloaded some Japanese lessons onto my iPod to take to work with me. Today's lesson included "ne" as a part of a sentence. I'll admit to mixing languages here. My cat, Nina, as I'm sure I've mentioned is from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and I've always spoken to her in Spanish as well as English. When I grabbed her water dish, I said "agua para Nina, ne?" She looked right at me and said "na." I guess that meant yes. It was just so cute that I had to share it. She's been running around like a wild thing and is waiting for me to come get into bed. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day so I'm going to try and sack out early. It's probably not going to work, but that's as may be. Dozing is almost as good and I'm really beat.
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