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She never said I couldn't post this.
Ro is house-sitting for the next few days and is in bed with a cold at the same time. So she calls me today, rather doped up on cold meds, and is telling me how few channels the house she's at has.
23 and a half.
It quite literally sent me into hysterics that she had to wait ten minutes for me to stop laughing. I seriously had this image of a TV with half the screen blank and the other half showing whatever was on at the time.

And I'll laugh at myself here too (Spongebob says it's important). Whilst we were driving down to Portland, OR for the anime convention, Ro and I were talking about how Michael Lindsay hadn't really changed the voice for Konkoro on Naruto and he sounded like Kisuke Urahara from Bleach. The line in question is something like "if you go into battle with that attitude, you will die." Which is something Kisuke would say.
I flubbed it. I said battle-tude.
Ro wishes she'd made that one up.

I'll post in a bit with updates.
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