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random weirdness

Work was slow today. Like no one in playing, slow. I like days like this, but it lends to a certain strangness in surveillance officers who have to sit alone in a room by themselves for seven hours. Or maybe its just me. *grins* Seriously, even with the extra evals and paperwork I still got more done on the novel than I have in the past week.

I had just turned to get a snack out of my snack drawer when I saw a centipede run across the floor. How it got into the building, I don't know, but my door doesn't quite meet the floor so I know how he got into my room. This is how bored I was today. I actually asked the centipede if he'd been fingerprinted, licensed and remembered to sign in. (we log everyone who enters the room)

Strange day.
Tags: randomness, work

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