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Good news/bad news

My biopsy results came back today. A week honestly isn't that bad for how far they had to send them, and for all my teasing, I do know the lab is one of the best.
The one on my back came back as totally clear, no worries, I have another nice scar to add to the collection. I scar really easy.
The one on my leg - that's still hurting and looks a little infected - came back as moderate abnormal cell mutation. Basically the same thing that they found on my face last year. It means that its on its way to cancer, but we caught it before it got there. And, when he did the biopsy, the got it all. I knew he was going to do that so I wasn't surprised when they told me.
So I've just got to watch for any color or pigment to come back into the scar. Otherwise there's nothing to worry about.

I will admit to butterflies in my tummy when they called though. *grins*
Thanks for all the support, prayers and hugs.

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