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waiting game

Woke up at seven for the 45 minute drive to the doctor in Clarkston. Got there and didn't have to wait more than a minute before they showed me in. He checked all the moles and said the ones from last year hadn't developed any more *wipes forehead* but there were two more that really concerned him, so he biopsied them. Ouch. Drove to work for dealer auditions. First person didn't show up so sat there for an hour and a half - on the clock - bsing with Ro and Bad-Bad. Second person came in early. Did audition. Went immediately onto shift. So bloody tired that I couldn't even fill out the log sheet correctly. Ro was almost falling asleep on the table whilst she was dealing and Bad-Bad came back in at eight for his shift after being awake for two and a half days straight.
And we get to do it all again tomorrow. And Thursday. And Monday. The auditions are over.

I don't know how long the biopsy results will take, they send them to a lab in Florida. They could just send me to Florida and I'd find Horatio. ;) But I'll let you know. Thanks everyone for the notes.
*huge hugs*
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