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work and I blame Ro

I managed to really bruise a co-workers ego today. I'm not sure how old Ryan is, but he's younger than me, I'm thinking about my kid brother's age. He, for some reason, decided to strip in the casino to change into his uniform rather than go to the bathroom to do it. I was watching the drop be counted and had no idea he'd done this until I called out to tell him to put his nametag on. He asked if I saw him stripping and I said I'd been watching count. He said that I really missed a treat.
My reply - "In your opinion."
The look on his face - and the pit boss' too - was priceless.

And I blame Ro. Its her. *points* Her, her, her. Totally her fault.
I had a plot bunny drive by today. And it is the single most improbable crossover possible.
Yes, I will write it eventually.
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