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writing retreat

So as you all know I'm at a writing retreat this week and having a blast, apart from all the salads I'm having to eat but that's neither here nor there. We're in McCall Idaho which is about four hours south of Moscow and a beautiful drive although it was hot the day we all came down. It's cooled off, I'd say no more than 65 in the shade. Not that I'm outside much with all the writing I've been doing. But I wanted to share some pics of where I am and how absolutely beautiful it is here.

This is the camp. My cabin is the first on the right and it has bunk beds. Yeah, I'm a kid at heart and I am sleeping on the top bunk.

This is the dining hall and we can eat inside or out depending on the weather. Most of us have been inside for breakfast while its still cool and then outside for lunch and supper.

The lake is a major attraction for boats, jet skis, water sports, and swimming although it's still a little cold this time of the year. I jumped in a couple years ago and almost killed myself because I didn't know how cold water affected athsma.

And finally our classroom where we do our workshops, meetings etc during the day. We're the only group here this week so we've been spreading out around the camp to write or read. The group is all teachers except me, they let me come for the feedback on my books, so they all have projects they're working on.

There's not a picture of it but we get to have a campfire every night. We share what we've written for the day or other works that we like. This is just a nice vacation and having so many days of nothing but time to write is heaven.

****I got the final okay on my first novel synopsis so it'll be going in the mail to the publishers by the first of the month. Fingers crossed they like it and want to actually pick me up. ***
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