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How to tell you're too bloody tired

Ro has me reading Bleach manga (we'll be watching it soon as well) so that's one more to add into the list. *headdesk* We were just on the phone talking about, well, everything as our conversations tend to ramble around quite a bit and I mentioned to her that I'd be leaving work early tomorrow because I have a date with a red head.
She immediately said "yuck."
I asked how she knew I wasn't talking about Ichigo.
She pointed out that he has orange hair. Renji has red hair (although I say its pink).
I said that's true and Kakashi....and then paused for a minute and we both started laughing. I meant to say Horatio. Oh yeah, I'm not fit to be on the computer at the moment.

Ro can't stand Horatio Caine. *snickers* But I can't stand Itachi, so it evens out.
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