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general rambling

At times like these I like to quote Muppet Treasure Island.
"I hate my life" - Jim
"I hate your life too" - Gonzo
"If I had a life I'd hate it" - Rizzo

It snowed last night. Like blizzard force winds and blinding snow. I have frost nip and its almost April!!!! Not to mention I found out I don't work with any gentlemen, not to mention decent human beings. Yeah, its back to barely able to stand up, let alone sit or walk and they all left me in the parking lot struggling with horizontal snow and winds to scrape off my damn car. Makes me want to beat them all senseless with my cane.

So, obviously, everything is on hold. If you're awaiting an email (or beta, Jess) I will get to it as soon as I possibly can. It just hurts to sit right now. Or think.

But I did find out why the fan fic bunnies have all run away and hidden. The novel bunnies are out with guns demanding that I finish the story and start the sequel now. *sigh* On the plus side, it does mean it'll go to New York that much faster.

My folks are starting to talk about moving south for all of our health. I told them to find me a place where the weather isn't crazy like it is here, no hotter than about 85F in the summer and a good doctor who believes in and will treat fibromyalgia and I'll go. They're thinking the highlands of Arizona in a couple of years when Mum retires. Maybe sooner if I keep getting so sick.

I think that's it. Oh, wait, nope its not. I had a really good Naruto joke the other night - even if Ro didn't think it was funny. We've started watching Shippuden and I had her roommate's kitten asleep on my tummy. I came up with the idea for the kitten - Callie - to be a ninja kitty and fight with the gentle paw. So I told Ro "eight tri-grams, sixty-four paws!" Yeah, she wasn't amused. Neji probably wouldn't be either.


Apr. 4th, 2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
They made a list of criteria. Then they decided what places fit the criteria. They put it on a dartboard, and threw darts until one stayed (they don't usually play darts). TN between Knoxville and Nashville on I-40 won.

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