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It really was one of those days

No one, and I mean no one (myself included) could do a damn thing right today. It was like work had been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle or something and everything was going wrong. In fact, I think the only thing that went right was the fact that we were busy and that means a lot of players = money = still having a job.
The worst part of my night was getting stopped by the cops on the way to Ro's house. I didn't get a ticket because I've got a really good record and all that, but it still scared me. I honestly thought the posted limit was higher than it was and I think he could tell that. And he had me dead to rights on talking on my phone whilst I was driving too.
Seriously, I just wanted to come home and climb into bed. And I couldn't even do that because I've got stuff to do here at home. *sigh*
Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I don't have to work, so that's a start. And I get to see Horatio too. I dunno, it just goes to prove that some days are better than others.

Ro, you wanna tell 'em how your day went at work???
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