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Everybody lies

And remarkably enough, this isn't a rant. Amazing, I know. *snicker*
I'm the one that lied and I'm very sorry about it, it makes me a horrible person, but I bring you House smut as a present to try and make up for everything. I said I would try and update all my WIPs before leaving for vacation. I sat down to work on TDC and this huge House bunny jumped me off of House's suggestion that Wilson take a romantic weekend in the Poconos. That one is 25 pages hand written and still in one chapter. *blinks* Not to mention the AU backstory I just created for House. If I can convince my cat that my left arm isn't her head rest, I'll type and post that one here on WWOMB only as soon as possible.

Then another big House bunny jumped me. It was a suicide bunny, but I couldn't just leave it at that, so I decided to bring in vampires - because zombies are kinda hard to pull off, you know all the skin hanging off and discontent at their lot in death - and its looking to become fairly large as well. So that one will be crossed with CSI: Miami (big surprise, huh?) and will be posted on WWOMB and Forensics. ***EDIT** I AM CRYING WRITING THIS ONE GUYS. MASSIVE HANKY WARNING.

Here's the deal. I don't mind folks asking me to update fics. I love it because it lets me know which ones are being read and which ones need to go to the front of the line for updates. But nagging kills bunnies. I can't help the fact that I have ideas for new stories without finishing off other ones and I learned the hard way to have a lot of WIPs hanging about than to try and ignore bunnies. I lost a lot of good stories that way. I make no apologies for the way I am. *grin* Okay, maybe a minor rant, but that's been weighing on my mind for a while now.

I guess just keep an eye here for update announcements. :) And I'll bring at least pictures of the beach and ocean home with me.
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