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Flippant answers

Apparently my sense of humor isn't appreciated around here either. *sigh*
I was making curtains to hang over my door to mask the noise my folks make during the day - I'm a night owl by nature and like to sleep in when I don't have class. They're not careful about being quite - and needed a needle and some thread. I know that mum has some in her room as she's the crafty person in the house so I went down to borrow what I needed. She was in the kitchen and said that she needed to ask me a question. To which I replied "yes, no, left, the color purple, 42, and I didn't."
She wasn't amused.

Updates coming soonly. I know I keep promising that. I'll deliver with something that will knock your socks off. Or sandals if you happen to live in a warm climate. *grin*
Tags: personal, rant, updates

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