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So my house sold. Not even one day on the market and I got a full price offer on it. Now I'm living in my folk's basement with my cat and it's kinda cool because they've been keeping my little pug for me so I get to spend time with him but it sucks because I don't have a place of my own any more.
My updates will still be frequent but maybe not as often as you guys have been used to and I apologize for that. I'm having to sort through *everything* I own and decide what I want to put in storage, what I want to toss and what I want to keep. My mum has forbidden me from actually lifting and moving after I made myself so sick last week so it's slow going and I'm tired and still working my regular shift.
I have plans for what I want to do but I'm keeping them as quiet as I can so my boss won't figure out I'm leaving as soon as I get accepted back into college. I'm going to study forensic science most likely at a school out in Oregon. It's got nice weather not too different from here in Moscow so I shouldn't weather trigger and get sick all the time. I'm always telling my dad I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. He just points out we all have a cross to bear and mine happens to be being born with fibromyalgia. I usually tell him it doesn't mean I have to like it.
So anyway, I'm going to do my damndest to keep updating every other day but there might be breaks in there depending on how I'm feeling. Just be patient. I'm not giving up, I have way too much to write in these stories although the H/Mac one might fall off until I can see seasons 3/5 of the respective shows. And if there's enough interest I'll do an off-shoot for Danny and Don. Just let me know.
I'll also keep making wallpapers and posting them here. It's a good way to relax at work when I have writers block. *grin*
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