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Ro update and an awesome CD

I just got home from the hospital. I was honestly worried about her yesterday because they'd put her on oxygen and respitory therapy. This morning I told her to ask about some kind of a nutrient IV because they weren't letting her eat or drink anything other than ice chips and I think half of her problems were from severely low blood sugar. I don't know exactly what happened between the phone call this morning and when I got there in the afternoon, but she was off the IV and oxygen and eating soup. She looked tons better and there's talk about letting her come home tomorrow if she keeps improving as much as she is. There's still pain and she has an IV port in her wrist in case something happens and they need to give her drugs quick. But we got up and walked around the hospital for a bit and she didn't get sick at all - which is a huge change from yesterday. She's still really tired and has a bad headache, but she does have chronic headaches and the only thing that helps they won't let her have. I have a feeling it might interact with the meds they've been giving her. So I won't be totally relaxed until she's home again and back at work, but today gave me some hope that she's gonna be fine. Yeah, that's how worried I was when I left yesterday. I just came home and crashed.

So I was messing around on IMDB - I really shouldn't be allowed on there - and was checking the spelling for Foreman's name for TDC. I saw that Hugh Laurie is in a band and they had a CD coming out. Me being me I went and found it on Amazon (its an exclusive there) and bought it. Its actually a CD/DVD combo and is awesome. Hugh Laurie dancing is hot too. ;)
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