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Medical proof!!!!

My mum has me seeing a PT who is big into natural, low impact, positive energy healing. In other words, holistic, but it really works well for me because treatment for fibro is supposed to be low impact, gentle, and slow. Before I go onto the actual story, some history.
From 1993 until 2000 I was in self-defense karate and jujitsu classes (teacher in the jujitsu) and obtained the rank of black belt. This was before we knew I had fibro, as that was diagnosed in 2001. My instructor - who I will never refer to in an honorable way again - was abusive (physically and mentally) to all the female students, but it was always done in such a way that it seemed like she was teaching us. Until we hit a high rank and then it got bad. She refused to believe that I was sick and always pushed me, often making me go into class without warming up properly. One night six months after I made black belt I was working on prone throws with people about my size - 5'8"/160 pounds. She paired me up with a guy who is 6'4" and probably 230lbs. The first throw we did, me prone with my hands pinned over my head, ruptured my shoulder. I maintain to this day that I was set up. I left class the next day and received an extremely nasty note from my instructor as a result.

So my shoulder healed with scar tissue under the scapula and up into the joint, down into the ribs. When I sat wrong, slept wrong, drove, or was walking it would flare up painfully and the only thing I could do was take pain killers and go to bed.

Today my PT decided to work on my shoulder as almost nine years is too long a time to be in almost constant pain from the old injury. So she was working on getting the range of motion to improve and commented that there was a lot of trauma energy in the shoulder and I needed to think of something positive to bring in the healing energy. I closed my eyes and pictured flowers growing, waves washing up on the beach, the wheat fields blowing gently in the wind.

Then, out of nowhere, a picture of Horatio flashed through my mind. She said, "that's it, that's it! There's the positive energy!" She (Mary Anne) was so excited she asked me what I had been thinking about when the positive healing energy spiked. I was blushing, but I told her David Caruso as Horatio Caine. We both started laughing, but it worked. My range of motion has improved about 30% in all directions and the pain has decreased significantly.

So now I have medical proof that Horatio Caine is good for me.
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