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What my teacher said

I just finished watching CSI:Miami. Wow. Hot, hot, hot. I loved pissed off, restrained Horatio Caine. With messy hair and good lighting effects. *fans self* That just made my day.

So, to the subject now. My history teacher is a conspiracy theorist at heart. His conspiracy class is the most popular one on campus for any department and he's teaching it next term. I'm going to try to get in, but there's probably going to be no chance in hell of it happening.
Today we were talking about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1890/1905) which are "the minutes from a meeting of elders/rabbis who were planning to take over the world." The quotes are because the protocols are probably fake. And seriously, as my teacher said, it reads less like the minutes of a meeting than someone sitting in a dark room by themselves cackling madly, rubbing their hands together and shrieking that they're going to do something nasty to someone.
But his really good point came when he asked us if we had a super-secret global society bent on world domination and we had a meeting, would we really take notes/minutes - let alone publish them to let the general public know what the hell is going on?? Its a good point.
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