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link and updates

Ro asked me to post this link on here, rather than the story, to share with everyone. *grin*
I didn't see it happen, I don't know if I was writing or watching another table or what.


I'm working thru some major issues with First Time, so that one got put on hold. Sorry to everyone who got excited for that one. Horatio is really giving me trouble. *sigh*
But the good news is that I have two new chapters being typed up for TDC. They'll be up by 0100 my time.

The UK dragon and human were guessed and named. Superintendant Richard Jury and Melrose Plant (former earl) from Martha Grimes's series. For those of you who haven't read the series
And I do highly recommend the series. They're fast, fun reads that have some of the single slashiest undertones that I've ever seen.
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